About Us

We Are Your go-to firm to monitor and prevent financial fraud

When it comes to financial fraud

And any other financial discrepancy in your organization, you need more than just the figures – you need to look at the facts behind the figures as well. At MIDMA Consulting, we are trained to help you determine the reasons why your figures are not matching.


We do not only provide you with the facts

We also offer guidance in handling complex financial situations. MIDMA Consulting boasts of some best experienced heads in the industry. Our team of experts and certified forensic accountants, fraud examiners, chartered accountants, financial analysts, financial crime experts, researchers and forensic investigators are well equipped to unravel the mystery going on behind the scenes through in-depth investigations.

Our experts conduct exhaustive analysis of business practices

And records to detect suspicious dealings and financial irregularities. When a problem is found, these skilled professionals have what it takes to diagnose the cause and provide valuable solutions to tackle the issue.


What drives us?

To be a world class forensic and fraud examination practicing firm; and providing enabling working environment to our work force that will promote professionalism and career growth and development for the benefits of our clients.

To provide cutting edge professional services to our clients and to continually apply our talents and skills in providing business solutions to all stakeholders.

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