Fraud And Complex Financial Investigations

The complexity in resolving fraud allegation from its inception to its final disposition entails painstaking approach. At MIDMA we are equipped with professionals that are trained experts in fraud investigation.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering activities are threats to the global economy. The act of terrorism financing has its roots through funds that are being laundered globally which distort the world economy. MIDMA Consulting provides the advisory services to financial institutions and other organizations in checking the menace of money laundering.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks have been on increase has given the changing nature of technological advancement. Data breaches, malware, and ransomware are on the increase in most organizations and thus we are strategically positioned in digital forensic services and in ensuring data integrity and protection.

Mortgage Fraud Investigation

Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud Investigation The rising waves of real estate and mortgage fraud are on the increase, particularly in most cities of the world. The nature of these fraudulent practices requires expert skills in investigating such crimes and at MIDMA Consulting, we have dedicated professionals in handing such allegations.

Expert Witnessing

Case dispute can be an onerous task in litigation proceedings. We provide professional services in all stages of legal disputation to its final adjudication.

Compliance And Transaction Risk Assessments

We provide an improved internal control measures and mechanisms that can help firms in reducing risks, thereby meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

Whistleblower Allegations Investigations

We provide services in whistleblowing allegations and help organizations in designing effective whistleblowing policies and frameworks.

Anti-Corruption And Forensics Services

Governments all levels are confronted with various economics and financial crime challenges particularly corrupt practices within government agencies. We assist in anti-corruption training and forensic services that deter corrupt tendencies in both public and private institutions.

Regulatory Inquiries

We provide services for regulatory bodies ranging from customers complaints, unlawful termination of employees by organizations, unethical practices and other ancillary services that aid regulatory bodies in the discharge of their core mandates.

Merger & Acquisition Fraud Services

Mergers and Acquisitions are complex transactions, as which pre accusation due diligence is highly imperative to forestall sharp practices. We help organizations in Mergers and Acquisitions to ensure fraudulent activities are prevented.

Ponzi Schemes, Embezzlement And Kickbacks Investigation

Most citizens are targets of various Ponzi schemes and many have lost hard-earned resources in these illegal activities.

Technical Accounting Services

We help to provide various forms of technical accounting services for government agencies, small and medium scale enterprises.

Forensic Accounting And Auditors Assistance Service

MIDMA provides audit and forensic accounting services which are tailored to the needs of our clients whether large or small organizations.

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